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Start studying like a pro with Spitball by following a few simple steps:

Use Spitball's study app like a pro
Open a free Spitball account and pick your school - there are more than 325 schools available. If you cannot find your school there is still a lot you can do: Find a relevant class material from other schools, or be the first to add your school and help us build the community (and hey, you might even make a few bucks). Now you can find and Join your class, there are more than 57,000 classes waiting just for you. Find the material you need and start studying with your classmates. Ask questions, share ideas and notes with you classmates, they can help answer questions when your TAs and professors are too busy. Quiz yourself with one of the thousands of quizzes your classmates have created, or upload your own quiz - coming up with a quiz is a great way to prepare for an exam, and can help your classmates in their preparations. Every added classmate, question asked, class note uploaded or quiz created can help you become a better student and get better grades. Open your free Spitball account today!