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Use Spitball to study with your classmates and get better grades!

Spitball can help revolutionize the way you study: Whether you’ve missed your last class and are scrambling to get class notes , have a question regarding a particularly annoying assignment, or just looking for a way to test your knowledge before your finals - Spitball has got you covered! Sign up for free , find your school and your courses and start Spitballing with your classmates!


Find your school and start enjoying Spitball. New Courses and class materials are uploaded everyday so you can get the most recent class material. Help build your school’s online community and get all the study materials you are looking for in one cool place. Couldn’t find your school? You can always access relevant class material from other schools, or be the first to use Spitball in your school and start the revolution!
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Find your course and start studying with your classmates - There are more than 57,000 classes available. Couldn’t find your course? It only takes a few seconds to open a new one. Now you can invite your classmates to join the course & upload their material, and you will both be able to gain some sweet Spitball points.
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Browse through thousands of class notes to find the class you've missed. Access all of your class material within a few clicks and upload your own class notes to help your classmates excel in their upcoming papers & exams. You can download the document you need to any device, print it, or check it out later, it’s not going anywhere.
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See how well you are doing and quiz yourself with one of the hundreds of quizzes that your classmates have built. Build and upload your own quiz to help your fellow classmates and check your own progress. Coming up with a quiz is a great way to prepare for an exam, so gain extra Spitball points and start building quizzes.
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Class Feed

Get to know your classmates, share notes and ideas, ask questions and chat with your classmates about anything class related. Study together and be on your way to acing your finals! Get answers directly from your classmates to quickly solve problems when your TAs and professors are too busy.
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Study socially anytime and everywhere with the Spitball app . Access all of your class materials directly from your phone. Chat with your classmates, ask questions and start studying for your next exam from any device.
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