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Spitball is built by Students for Students

Spitball Features

Take a look at the some of these features that makes Spitball so unique.


    Study when it suits you, from every computer, mobile or tablet.


    Questions about yesterday's class, what paper is due next week? Spitball is here to help. Ask a question, get an answer from fellow students


    Link to online lectures, share and compare class notes, review reading material, discuss in the privacy of your study group, all in one place.

  • Quizzes and Review Sheets

    Students learning from students. Make your own Quizzes, or test yourself from the thousands already available.

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Mobile First

Spitball's Android and Apple Apps are the front end of our social studying network, revolutionizing the way students study. Built by students for students, Spitball features are designed to make students better students:

  •  Connect with your classmates
  •  Ask and answer questions freely
  •  Access and share classnotes
  •  Communicate with the entire class
  •  Create and solve quizzes interactively
  •  Post and share anonymously
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  • As a sophomore, I found myself looking for a way to communicate and study with my classmates. After searching online, I was shocked that there was no real solution that I felt comfortable incorporating into my lifestyle (nothing I could easily access on my phone or computer). Then someone invited me to Spitball... it saved me.

    Donna Floyed Sophomore at UC Davis
  • There have been many times when I would try and share files and documents with friends and classmates over the schools portal or other online studying tools, but it was a huge hassle!! When I started using Spitball, everything changed - I was easily able to upload all forms of my files... even video and audio files!

    Jack Harris Junior at UC Berkeley
  • It’s so nice to have all my notes, questions/answers, lectures, etc. in one place and always available online and in the palm of my hand! It comes in handy when I need to compare class-notes. Thank you Spitball for making on my life a whole lot easier! I already know who I'm thanking first on graduation day :)

    Daniel Kaplan Senior at UCLA
  • This is such a great idea! I love the quizzes - such a great way to test my knowledge of the coursework! I also really like that it's interactive - the chat feed is really helpful if you miss a class or don't understand the material. During the last semester I feel like all I did was talk about Spitaball! It was funny, people actually thought that I it was my job.

    Sarah Friedman Freshman at UC Santa Barbara

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